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Do I need Open Homes?

Open Homes are an integral part of any marketing campaign and a popular way for buyers to check out the market. Many properties are now sold through Open Homes and particularly in the case of Auction Open Homes, buyers are prepared to make instant decisions. Even neighbours and non-buyers can assist in the marketing as they spread the word to friends and associates. If you leave out Open Homes, you may be minimising the overall success of the sale process.


Why do I pay for extra marketing?

A real estate company is no different to any other business in that they are there to provide a service and to make a profit. Most companies have a budget for marketing purposes and generally speaking lower fee companies have a minimal advertising budget while high profile companies like Harcourts have a large marketing budget. This budget allows for a certain level of marketing for each property but to make sure your property is seen by the maximum number of buyers we usually recommend some investment by the owner. The level of investment is entirely up to you but remember that a little spent now may result in thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars more when it comes to selling.


Why aren't there addresses on some advertisements?

On some, particularly those with open homes, there are usually addresses. On others there may be a variety of reasons for no address, amongst them privacy issues. Many properties cannot be appreciated properly from a curb side inspection and we prefer to ensure buyers get a full appreciation of the features of the property. Usually salespeople are available at short notice to meet a prospective buyer at a property. If this is not possible a quick phone call or email to the salesperson will reveal the location of any property. Imagine if you were selling your home. How would you feel if buyers were making a decision on your property by just looking from the roadside? Many buyers finish up buying a home that they first thought was not suitable after an outside inspection.


Is it the right time to invest in a property?

One of the most frequently asked questions at the moment comes from buyers; should we buy now or wait for a while?

Of course we don’t have a crystal ball but we do have a wealth of experience in the Mandurah real estate market through all sorts of market conditions including a severe share market crash and various levels of economic recessions.

What must be remembered is that one of the catalysts for buyer hesitancy is the regular commentary expressed in the media by a seemingly endless parade of “property experts”. These statements are aimed at the property market in general and often the basis of these opinions comes from activities in the major centres, in particular the Mandurah market.

Not enough care, in our opinion, is taken to consider what is happening in the provincial areas.

History shows us clearly that many smaller cities and towns are insulated to a degree from conditions in the main centres.

Our current advice to buyers who are unsure of when to buy, is to get all the information they possibly can regarding the Mandurah real estate market and how that market reacts in adverse economic conditions.

Given that the Mandurah area is traditionally a very stable market and there is a sensational selection of properties on the market right now, it could be that now is the ideal time to be buying your first or next property in our fabulous area.

When is the best time to sell?


Summer - December, January, February

Mandurah is buzzing with a population swelled with summer visitors. Gardens look great and your property is at its best. This is a popular time to sell although you will be competing with the large number of homeowners who also want to sell at this time. Best month to market—January into February.


Autumn – March, April, May

Some beautiful colours of nature at their best really show the Mandurah area off. This period includes two of the best three selling months and is a great time to be marketing property. With Easter and the last periods of summer this is a busy time around Mandurah. 


Winter – June, July, August

Probably the most overlooked sales time of the year. Sales figures are surprisingly steady through winter and there are usually less properties for sale. Buyers often have less choice so are keener to secure the right property when they see it. 


Spring – September, October, November 

This is one of the most stunning times of the year around Mandurah. The weather is warming, nature is waking up and the spring gardens look spectacular. People are starting to move around the country and Mandurah, as usual, is one of the favourite destinations. 

Traditionally the months where the highest number of sales occur are:


February, March and April; 

However, sales throughout the year are remarkably steady in the Mandurah area and sometimes the apparently less attractive times to sell are in fact the best. The best time to sell is more likely determined by current market conditions. Our advice is to discuss the current market climate with your Harcourts salesperson or email to the office -