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Strand Conveyancing

Strand Conveyancing

Generally conveyancing is said to be the process involved in the transfer of title of property to another person if you are selling or from another person if you are buying.

In most cases, your conveyance will start from the time you enter into your contract. It continues through the duration of the contract as various conditions such as finance approval and building inspections are satisfied, leading to settlement where important legal documents are exchanged along, of course with the payment of the purchase price.

Shortly following settlement the registration of the transfer of the property takes place at the Land Titles Office which gives you your legal title to the property. The conveyancing process concludes upon the successful registration of the transfer of ownership of the property.

There can also be terms in your contract which may require you or other parties to perform certain obligations even after settlement. This could include things such as special conditions requiring further action.


Strand Conveyancing is a Western Australian company based in Leederville, just a short bus or train ride from the city centre.

A good time to think about choosing a settlement agency is when you start to look at properties or decide to sell. Whether it is a new, established house, flat, unit, vacant land, commercial or industrial property you will need the services of an experienced conveyancer.

Strand Conveyancing is controlled by the Department of Commerce which is responsible for maintaining industry standards.

Strand Conveyancing is a committed and reliable settlement agency.

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What Strand Can Offer:

Residential Property Settlements

Commercial Property Settlements

Strata Title Property Settlements

Private Sale Transactions

Title Searches

Sub Divisions and Land Developments

Rural Property Settlements

Family Transfers/Related Party Transactions

Change of Name and or particulars on Titles

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